Our Proud Moment - Celebrating our API launch Press Release

December 7, 2023 - by RINO Team

What just happened

At RINO, we’re experiencing a blend of excitement and pride. Our latest press release, describing the launch of our API, has found its way into renowned financial publications like Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.

RINO’s Vision and Mission

Our path has always been driven by a deep belief in Monero’s potential. The development of RINO’s enterprise wallet wasn’t just a business move; it was a step toward realizing our vision of a more private and secure financial ecosystem. We saw a gap in the market and knew Monero deserved better tools, better recognition.

Getting featured in major financial outlets is a deliberate step to highlight Monero’s value in a market dominated by more visible cryptocurrencies. It’s about taking control of the narrative, showcasing the unique advantages of Monero, and challenging the status quo.

A reminder of what RINO is all about

With RINO’s enterprise wallet, free for the first year, we’re inviting businesses to explore the world of Monero. Our platform is designed to provide the utmost security and ease of use, demonstrating our commitment to bringing top-tier solutions to the Monero community.

The support from Monero community members like BinaryFate validates our efforts. It’s a reminder that our work resonates not just within our team but within a broader community that shares our values and vision.

Looking Ahead

Through RINO’s API and other offerings, we’re not just creating tools; we’re fostering innovation. We’re enabling businesses to integrate Monero into their operations, breaking new ground in the crypto world. This press release was about making a statement, about investing in the belief that Monero has an essential role in the future of finance. We’re not just pushing a product; we’re championing a cause we believe in.

We extend an invitation to you to be a part of this exciting journey. Whether you’re using RINO’s solutions or simply sharing the word about Monero, you’re contributing to a larger movement towards a more private, secure, and innovative financial future.

About RINO

RINO is more than a fintech company; we’re a team passionate about advancing the world of cryptocurrency, with a focus on Monero. Our journey is about innovation, security, and making a meaningful impact in digital finance. Join us in this journey - sign up for free today!

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