Business Workflows for Monero

MPC-based, non-custodial, spending controls, four-eye approvals, API access


  • Hands Off

    RINO is a non-custodial wallet. We can’t access your money.

  • Trusted

    Open source and verifiable with reproducible builds

  • Convenient

    Instant sync. Always-on transaction notifications

  • Safe

    Multi level security.
    2FA and more.

RINO is free for a year,
starting September 2023!

No need to talk to sales.
Just sign up and get started.

After the initial one year period, all wallets by default will fall back to a default pay-as-you-go per-transaction fee of 0.25%. Feel free to contact us for more specific subscriptions or better deals. Now and always in the future, users can withdraw their funds at any moment for free and without any dependency on the RINO service by using their own backup keys.

Key Features

Security based on Unique MPC technology

Thanks to its unique Monero-MPC technology, RINO offers features (2FA, Wallet Controls) that no other non-custodial wallet can match.

How RINO Works

Controls for Viewing, Sharing, Spending

Define user roles to set up industry best practices - four eye principle, spending limits, view only audit / accounting access.

Wallet Sharing

Stable API interfaces

Integrate RINO into your Monero applications.

API Docs

Trustworthy Security Platform

Layer 1: MPC
  • No single private key exist anywhere
  • RINO only has one of the 3 distributed keys, cannot spend your funds
Layer 2: Personalized Security policies
  • 2FA - Two Factor Authentication
  • Roles and Limits - set up different roles and spending limits based on your business needs
Layer 3: Auditable and verifiable code
  • RINO client-side code is, open source, anyone can inspect it and check it does exactly what it should.
  • It is built deterministically. Anyone can check the authenticity of the client-side code served by the website.

Audited Security

RINO is an active organizer and sponsor of Monero Audits

RINO is at the forefront of efforts to guarantee Monero’s security. RINO has instigated and paid for internal and general Monero audits from world-renowned security firms.



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Handling our Monero wallets was a major daily headache. With RINO, everything runs smoothly now.



Sofia, Bulgaria

This product was really missing from the Monero ecosystem. I am a proud investor in RINO.


binaryFate, Monero Core Team

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