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This is the home of RINO's Monero effort. It's a website for tools and resources provided by RINO to the Monero community. While we strive for availability and reliability, please keep in mind all of this is done on our free time šŸ˜„

High-quality remote nodes

We host a set of Monero daemons publicly accessible, running on powerful hardware. These nodes are stable, public, and fast. Useful if you can't run a full node yourself.

See here how to connect to the nodes or check their health status.

Hosted online tools

Status of all Monero seed nodes

Check the health status of all seed nodes used in current Monero software. Their IP is extracted and updated from the codebase automatically.

Monero Faucets

Monero Hard Fork Countdown

Other Tools

Monero docker images

Images are automatically updated whenever the Monero codebase is updated. Covers monerod, monero-wallet-rpc, monero-wallet-cli, for mainnet stagenet or testnet.

Monero docker images at Docker Hub and Github

Open-source stuff we maintain

Besides various contributions, we are maintaining the following:

  • python-monerorpc (Monero Python library): Github at PyPI
  • django-searchable-encrypted-fields (Django Searchable Encrypted Fields): Gitlab and PyPI

Visit us at:

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