RINO Wallet is Live!

We are happy to announce the launch of RINO, the professional wallet that gives businesses and individuals self-custody with peace of mind.

November 1, 2022 - by RINO Team

RINO is the brainchild of three long time monero users, who have been active in the space for many years, using Monero, contributing to the project, and running monero-based businesses. The founders recognised that Monero is still missing professional tools that exist for other currencies and help those currencies get adopted by businesses. And so RINO was born.

For enterprises to adopt and use monero, the first hurdle is a lack of decent custody and wallet options. Consumer wallets don’t cut it for enterprises - if you can’t distribute access, set spending limits, manage who in your organization can view and spend, then offering any kind of Monero service is a non-starter. We built RINO primarily for the enterprise. But we are also opening up a free-for-all version of RINO to the community at large, so everyone can benefit from RINO’s professional features.

So what does RINO offer? RINO is a self-custody wallet. Like other wallets RINO has exchange functionality integrated, so you can sell XMR from inside RINO. But RINO has a bunch of professional features that no other wallet offers.

With RINO, you can set up extra layers of control and protection that you don’t get in other wallets. RINO allows you to set up 2FA authentication for login and spending. You can give access to your wallet to other users. (Enterprise users can also give spend access and set user controls.) Unlike other self-custody wallets, RINO is always on and always synced. You can access your wallet from any device, and your balance is up to date immediately. You can even set up RINO to notify you when you get a deposit, without having to run any software.

Under the hood, RINO does all of this using multisignature technology - watch for upcoming posts on more details on RINO’s technical implementation. For the moment key takeaway is that RINO is open source and offers reproducible builds - which means you can check that what is running on your computer is really the same as the published source code.

Looking to the future, RINO is going to build out more features to make Monero support for enterprises a reality. Upcoming features include a fiat exchange service, a dedicated desktop client, and webauthn/FIDO2 integration. Watch this space for more details and news about Monero and RINO. Let us know what you think of RINO and what features you’d like to see. Long live Monero!

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