Public Monero nodes

"Monero Tools" is a hub for free tools and resources available for the Monero community. While we strive for availability and reliability, please keep in mind all of this is done on our free time 😄


  • Hostname: node.tools.rino.io
  • IP address:
  • RPC Port: 18081 (default)
  • P2P Port: 18080 (default)


  • Hostname: rino4muoj3zk223twblr53hwt4ukqemjqw4fbiwdcrqqevcrclpuzyyd.onion
  • RPC Port: 18081

Example Usage

Monero CLI wallet: monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host node.tools.rino.io

How is our Mainnet node doing?


Testnet is upgraded frequently and highly experimental. You typically need it only for developing the Monero protocol/daemon. You need to compile a recent commit to use it.

  • Hostname: testnet.tools.rino.io
  • IP address:
  • RPC Port: 28081 (default)
  • P2P Port: 28080 (default)


  • Hostname: rino4tpcrisugb2pt7bhs7cwkrkoigf366aetuzyqkqcakaad7vijiid.onion
  • RPC Port: 28081

Example Usage

Monero CLI wallet: monero-wallet-cli --testnet --daemon-host testnet.tools.rino.io

How is our Testnet node doing?


The stagenet network runs a 1:1 copy of the mainnet protocol, except that it allows to play with worthless coins. It's intended for integrators, developers of apps and services that interact with the Monero network. The protocol is upgraded together with mainnet, but usually a couple of weeks earlier.

  • Hostname: stagenet.tools.rino.io
  • IP address:
  • RPC Port: 38081 (default)
  • P2P Port: 38080 (default)


  • Hostname: rino4sek7bzoqgkgsn5qxlsic3gk2mj23t3shcaj5axfyipjnyoql4ad.onion
  • RPC Port: 38081

Example Usage

Monero CLI wallet: monero-wallet-cli --stagenet --daemon-host stagenet.tools.rino.io

How is our Stagenet node doing?