The promotional code gives you access to €10 reward in XMR. To use the code you must follow those steps:

  • Sign in to the RINO Wallet

  • Head over to Settings - Promotions

  • Insert the Promotional Code. Make sure the code is saved correctly and follow the requirements to get the reward.


In case your promotional code requires you to perform a certain threshold of exchange volume you can use our exchange multiple times and this will accumulate your exchange volume.

The promotional code is valid until the promotion is valid. If no time limit is communicated you can use the promotional code until a termination date is provided.

To redeem your reward you can follow this process:

  • Log in your account
  • Go to settings - Promotional code screen
  • Click on “Redeem” , choose the wallet of destination

The code can be used only one time.

No, you can use only one promotional code at a time.

RINO reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time. However, you will be receiving the reward if you have completed all the actions before it is communicated that the promotion is finalized.

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